Joseph Grillo, M.D. Medical Legal-Consulting offers medical consulting services by a board-certified and experienced physician, to medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys throughout all stages of litigation.

Does your law firm need a doctor?

Our medical-legal consulting firm offers the skill & training of an experienced physician in providing top-notched litigation support.

Allow me to become your trusted partner!

The medical malpractice arena can be daunting. Although the general aspects of preparing and trying a medical malpractice case are much the same as in other types of litigation, there are important differences. For one thing, malpractice cases revolve closely around the “medicine” involved. An attorney who is not a physician, or who has no medical training, knows up front that there undoubtedly will be a need to interact with a doctor who possesses knowledge and experience that the attorney lacks. Allow me to provide you with the medical knowledge that will work for you.

If your case involves medical negligence, consider hiring a medical doctor!

Who we are

My name is Dr. Joe Grillo. I am board-certified in medicine with 20 years of clinical and academic experience and a third-year law student at the University of Massachusetts.

There are advantages to hiring a highly trained doctor with legal training as you medical-legal consultant… please click here to read.

What we provide

I provide consulting services to the legal community for medically related cases.

I work along with my clients in assisting them to fully develop their medically related cases.

I provide a non-biased third-party perspective.

In addition to medical malpractice, I also provide service to lawyers involved in medical devise liability, pharmaceutical liability and personal injury.

Overview of Joseph Grillo, M.D. Medical Legal Consulting

Next, I have twenty years experience in medical practice. I practiced as a hospitalist, in the ICU and in private practice.

In addition, I owned and operated an urgent care center up until entering law school. I am currently an academic fellow with a 3.5 GPA. Not surprisingly, the courses that I enjoyed the most included torts, civil procedure, and evidence.

Finally, I am a graduate of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey. I did an internal medicine residency at Danbury Hospital (Yale affiliate), did fellowship training in infectious disease (Roger Williams Hospital) and nephrology (Brown University.)

As of December 2018, I passed the American Board of Internal Medicine re-certification examination.


  • Comprehensive case analysis with detailed, comprehensible reports.
  • I provide advanced medical insights distilled into a readable customized work product.
  • Project management – I can map out a chronologic path and keep your case moving along efficiently.
  • Sift through all the clinical data and assist in objectively accessing the validity and value of the case
  • Objectively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the medical facts, and fill in the blanks by providing accurate inferences.
  • Anticipate opposing counsel’s theories and build medical fact evidence to oppose their theories.
  • Identification of all liability – pinpoint all breaches in the standard of care.
  • Establishing causation can be particularly challenging. I can assist in establishing the link between injury, breach, and harm.
  • Organize medical records, development of a legible chronological history, and provide a report
  • Medical literature research using tools such as OVID and UpToDate
  • Legal research using Westlaw and Lexus Nexus databases
  • Educate you on the meaning and the value of the medical facts, literature and expert opinions.
  • Assist in legal writing including court documents
  • Assist in formulating  questions for deposition
  • Reporting on standards of care and acceptable medical practice
  • I am available by phone, teleconference, and to be on-site, in court or at deposition hearings when necessary
  • Participation and assistance with the initial and follow-up client interviews
  • Call us to see how we can help

My promise

Would you like to handle more cases, efficiently, improve your settlement positions and outcomes? I can provide you with expertise in medicine, combined with in-depth knowledge of medical records and the healthcare system. I work behind the scenes, on a case by case basis, providing cost-effective services. 

Very simply, I guarantee all of my work product. I strive to produce quality results that are second to none.  I understand that you work on contingency. My rates are very reasonable. This ensures that your case will receive all at the resource and skill at my avail and still be very affordable.  



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