Why Dr. Grillo?

Dr. Joe Grillo is a medical doctor with legal training.

I am uniquely qualified to provide the premier in medical-legal consulting service. My training and experience as a doctor as well as my knowledge of the legal system make me more qualified than most.

Why hire a doctor?

A physician provides a more thorough and accurate understanding of the issues in the case.

Generally speaking, if your case involves negligence and the practice of medicine; it is no surprise that physicians are best suited to address the issues. To state the obvious, medical doctors are trained in medicine. Many like myself have spent many years training in many aspects of medicine.

A physician is best suited to develop a more complete and holistic accounting of the case.

Often, cases involve issues that are hidden or less obvious and may otherwise be missed. These issues may be determinative in or speak to the merit of the case. Undoubtedly, a medical doctor has the training and insight to pick up on the more subtle issues.

Why hire a doctor with legal training?

At first blush, you may think there’s no advantage. Experience has been to the contrary. Knowledge of the legal issues significantly enhances the medical inquiry and quality of the work product.

As lawyers, most of the time you are fully capable of addressing all the legal components of your case.

While it may appear the case that legal training in a physician is redundant, in reality such training is valuable.

A physician who is able to spot the legal issues makes it much more likely that all relevant medical details will be uncovered.

In addition, when it comes time to piece together all of the medical facts and inferences that go towards establishing cause in fact and/or substantial factor causation, a medical doctor who has legal training will prove invaluable.

Other advantages include helping you to prepare for discovery, and being adept at researching both the important medical and legal issues.

Thorough preparation can help determine all of the issues in the case at an earlier stage. It is always better for counsel, the patient and their families to know as early as possible if the case cannot be proven in a court of law. Consulting medical experts often provide the much-needed closure and medical explanation that the family never got in the first place which prompted their suspicion.

Dr. Grillo’s as your partner

When you commit to a medical consultant, the cost to you is significant. Beyond the obvious expenses, there is time and effort put forth in bringing a consultant up to speed and in continued communications.

Dr. Grillo is trained and experienced in general internal medicine, infectious disease, nephrology, intensive care medicine, and clinical outpatient medicine. Add to this that he now has completed much of law school. He has diverse clinical and academic experience, is well published and now an academic fellow in law school. If your case involves medicine, and you need a medical consultant, hiring Dr. Grillo as your medical-legal consultant will bring you to your bottom line quicker, efficiently, economically and provide you a competitive advantage over your adversary. BACK TO HOMEPAGE

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